Top 10 Fastest Pokemon Of All Time

When you are on a Pokemon battle, you can outshine others only when you can strike quickly and get out of the zone instantly. Naturally, if you have the fastest Pokemons, you can outshine your opponents in the battle easily.

There are different types of Pokemons available and every type has different Pokemons. In this article, we are listing down the top 10 fastest Pokemons of all time that you should have in your collection.

10) Zacian Crowned Sword

Type: Fairly/Steel

Speed: 148

It is believed that Zacian is the rival or older sister of Zamazenta. With head covered by a golden helmet, it resembles the colors of Zacian with its golden sword. The graceful attacks of Zacian make it captivate its opponents. It is also called Fairy King’s Sword as it can cut down anything in a single strike.

Zacian has amazing abilities as it can fly and can transform into a statue. It can change its form easily as it absorbs the metal particles of the land. Furthermore, it can even cast illusions.

9)Mega Aerodactyl

Type: Dual Type Rock-Flying Fossil Pokemon

Speed: 150

The Mega Aerodactyl has a speed of 150 with a percentile rank of 99.4. With its ferocious attitude, it can rip out the throats of enemies effortlessly. Aerodactyl has serrated fangs that can tear any Pokemon skin into pieces.

The Mega Aerodactyl also has a membrane in wings, sharply pointed ears, strong lower jaw, and rigid snout. It can grasp objects cleanly with clawed hands at the wing end. It can even grow large in size with spikes all over its body. However, what makes it have a disadvantage is that it is weak to Steel, Rock, Water, and Electric.

8) Deoxys Attack Forme

Type: Psychic

Speed: 150

Deoxys Attack Forme is the base form of Deoxys. It was formed when a space virus’s DNA underwent a sudden mutation due to exposure to a laser beam. Its brain is in the form of a crystalline organ on the chest.

Being one of the few legendaries that have many different forms, it is a blend of power and high base speed. Deoxys can destroy walls in a single shot. By being more balanced, it can make special or physical plane attacks. Being a psychic type Pokemon, it is weak against Dark, Bug, and Ghost moves.

7) Mega Alakazam

Type: Psychic

Speed: 150

Mega Alakazam has high special attack and speed. It is a first-generation Pokemon that is ideal for comparative battling. The humanoid Pokemon has a large mustache and features narrow eyes, a thin snout, and an additional spike.

Using all the forms of psychic abilities, Alakazam can give headaches. By combining these powers, it can make the opponent’s muscles weak. It can even hold up its head with the help of psychic powers.

6) Name: Shadow Ryder Calyrex

Type: Psychic/Grass Type

Speed: 150

Shadow Ryder Calyrex has amazing special attacks. It is one of the best sweepers and can make powerful STAB moves. The Calyrex is one of the most devastating Pokemon and its signature move is called Astral Barrage. It is a masterful Pokemon that can offer blessings and healing.

Calyrex is known to be a legendary king who ruled over Galar during ancient times. It can make plants spring forth and can even mend hearts. Being a ghost and psychic type, its weaknesses are ghost and dark.

5) Electrode

Type: Electric

Speed: 150

Being an electric Pokemon, Electrode is one of the fastest Pokemon ever. The word electrode is a blend of electric and explodes. It is a non-legendary and non-mega Pokemon that comes with an improved competitive edge.

Electrode can kill and outspeed the Pokemon in one shot as it can learn self-destruction and explosion. It can even cause a blackout and can control the explosive ability. The attraction to Electricity makes Electrode feed on electricity. It has base speed statistics of 150 and consumes enough electricity to move at lightning speed. However, it can even drift with the wind when it has enough electricity.

4) Pheromosa

Type: Dual-type Bug/Fighting Pokémon

Speed: 151

Pheromosa is one of the latest Pokemon and has an improved speed rating than most others. The bug-like creature has a great fighting ability. Its name is a blend of the words Pheromone and Formosa, which stands for beautiful in Portuguese. The ultra-beast resembles a female cockroach and has discs in its entire body. Its elegant body can endure sudden acceleration and can even twitch the limb at 200 km/hour. The ability to produce pheromone makes Pheromosa awestruck to anyone nearby. Pheromosa also has a reluctance to touch anything.

3) Ninjask

Type: Dual-type Bug/Flying

Speed: 160

Ninjask is a fast Pokemon that can evade any attack. The high speed of the Pokemon makes it invisible when in motion. This is also another non-mega Pokemon that has high base speed. If the Pokemon is not trained properly, it will cry loudly and refuse to obey.

When it cries loudly, it can induce a headache. Ninjask has two pairs of wings and the head resembles a veil. It is also the speediest non-legendary and fastest flying-type Pokemon. With the qualities of a cicada, Ninjask is a blend of Ninja and Mask.

2) Deoxys 

Type: Psychic

Speed: 180

With high speed and agility, this Pokemon comes with better attacking ability. It is the quickest psychic-type Pokemon. Deoxys Speed Forme has a sleek body and reddish-orange skin. It features only one tentacle on the side of the body.

Deoxys has access to some of the best utility moves like Taunt, Magic Coat, Skill Swap, Spikes, and Stealth Rock. Despite being bulky, it has good defenses that can create multiple entry hazards. It is best on offensive builds that can encourage attacks or recover from any damage.

1) Regieleki

Type: Electric

Speed: 200

The new Pokemon, Regieleki has a base speed of 200. The wide margin of speed makes it different from other Pokemon. Regieleki uses pure electric energy and is the best electric sweeper. To stay alive, it absorbs electrons which also helps to offer great power.

It is very powerful and can even generate entire Galar’s electricity. The golem-like Pokemon has a round yellow body and it can glow bright yellow. While making an attack, it will open its electric arms. It is also the only Pokemon that uses the Thunder Cage move. Regieleki is a legendary Pokemon that can trap the opponent with an electrified cage


There are different ways to boost the speed of your Pokemon but when you have one of these fastest Pokemons, you can strike quickly and get out instantly. Your aim should be to have any many of these fastest Pokemons as you can and go to Pokemon battle with full confidence to strike and win. 

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