All-Time Favorite Pokemon of Each Type

Pokemon are generally assessed based on their speed as they need to strike quickly and run away instantly. The company takes votes from fans annually to decide which Pokemons they love the most.

There are nearly 1000 Pokemons and some of them clearly stand out as fan favorites. In this article, we are listing down the most favorite Pokemon of all time from all the different types. 

Type – Grass

Sceptile: Sceptile has a high-speed stat which makes it defeat sizable opponents. It is the coolest-looking grass-type Pokemon. It also has solid moves like Energy Ball, Leaf Blade, and Giga Drain. Sceptile can strike defensively and quickly and it has the over-grow ability.

It is a jungle Pokemon and can revitalize trees with the seeds on its back. Sceptile can leap freely from one branch to another. It can also slice down thick trees. The Pokemon can regulate body temperature by relaxing in the sunlight.

Type – Fire

Charizard: Charizard is one of the most iconic fire-type Pokemon. It has incredible power and is very popular. The ability to transform makes it a tough Pokemon. Charizard also comes with a special attack and has high speed. It is a blend of flying and fire Pokemon which makes it a capable fighter.

It is always in search of powerful opponents and with experience, its fire will burn hot. Charizard can swim underwater and can show the flame on the tip of the tail.

Type – Water

Gyarados: Gyarados is a Powerhouse. It is a serpentine Pokemon with a largemouth. Gyarados has four pointed teeth as well as yellow lips. It can crush stones with its fangs and has hard scales. What it fears most are the wanton destructive tendency and fierce temper. It can even transform into its mega form and has a powerful destructive instinct.

Gyarados can leap huge distances from the ground as well as water and is rarely seen in the wild.

Type – Bug

Scizor: Scizor is a dual-type of Pokemon of bug and steel. It has the amazing climbing ability and can make solid attacks and defense. Scizor comes with eight resistances and has strong immunity. The hard body and strong claws make it crush anything. It also has metal muscles and can raise the claw to scare off predators.

By flapping its wings, it can regulate the body temperature. This helps to prevent the body from melting. Even though it has a slim body, it comes with tremendous power.

Type – Normal

Arceus: Equipped with four feet having gold hooves, Arceus safeguards the planet. It also shows compassion and gratitude in return. However, if deceived or betrayed, then it will become violent. Arceus can hold a grudge for a longer period due to betrayals from close friends.

It has a streak of gold coloration on the head and features many other jewels. It is believed that Arceus created the entire Pokemon world. Arceus can recreate the creation and has many powers to bring back things that were destroyed.

Type – Poison

Eternatus: The triangular-shaped head of Eternatus makes it have a unique appearance. It is gigantic and has a draconic shape with a skeletal appearance. Eternatus absorbs energy and then becomes large in size.

Its signature move is called Eternabeam and its massive size is known as “Eternamax”. It can change the shape drastically and the body can glow red. Eternatus unleashes massive quantities of Dynamax energy in a phenomenon called Darkest Day. When it is in the Eternamax form, its power grows immense that it can even rip holes in space-time.

Type – Electric

Zekrom: Zekrom has a spiked, large, and conical formation similar to an electricity generator. It can produce energy from the tail and use it for making attacks. Zekrom can even fly through the air due to aerodynamic resistance as well as gravity.

It can cause thunderstorms and hides in the thunder clouds. Zekrom resembles a dinosaur or dragon and has dark patches on the body. It is believed that it uses lighting for annihilating kingdoms that have lost righteousness. Zekrom is also genderless and is the only Pokemon for learning Bolt Strike.

Type – Ground

Groudon is a very powerful Pokemon that can cause volcanic eruptions as well as summon droughts. It can also make extreme temperatures and can create new land. The volcanic eruptions help to create land and the drought can lead to water evaporation.

Groudon sleeps underground and engages in a cataclysmic battle with its rival. It is also the only Pokemon that can learn Precipice Blades. Groudon has a massive size and looks like a dinosaur. It comes with three claws and has green markings under the feet. What separates it from other Pokemon is that it has an O symbol on the arms. 

Type – Fairy

Togekiss: Togekiss is never seen in areas of turmoil and conflict. It only appears in peaceful places. Known for bringing blessings and depicting good luck charms, Togekiss has an ovoid body. It has broad and triangular wings and features triangular markings with three feathers.

It also has blue-tipped on the left and red-tipped on the right. It features small black eyes along with a relatively flat face. Togekiss shares gifts along with sweet blessings while visiting places or seeing people.

Type – Fighting

Lopunny Mega: Having an appearance similar to a rabbit, Lopunny Mega has short and dark brown fur. It is originally a Lopunny with long ears. When it transforms into the Mega form, it becomes extremely aggressive.

Lopunny Mega has wild farting instincts and is capable of fighting better. During the transformation, it looks like a ripped pantyhose. When it is in its normal form, it is tiny but can still unleash destructive kicks with its powerful legs.

Type – Psychic

Mewtwo: Created by science, Mewtwo has feline features. Even it can transform and can become a Mega Mewtwo X. After transformation, its horns become curved and pointed upwards. Among all Pokemon, Mewtwo has the most savage heart and it lacks compassion.

It can strike the enemy with its glowing eyes. Designed to be ultimate in battle, Mewtwo can only think of defeating the foes. Mewtwo remains motionless for conserving energy and uses it in battle. It can also materialize psychic waves for making Psystrike.

Type – Rock

Coalossal: This Pokemon has a tough a large look. Even though it has a peaceful nature, it can easily become enraged when the coalmines are vandalized. The coal on the head will turn red and radiate heat. Coalossal can even transform and become a Gigantamax Coalossal which is very large in size.

When it transforms, it has three open spots that can expose intense heat. It looks just like a stove oven and can burn over 3600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Type – Ghost

Chandelure: Chandelure can come up with flames for burning its enemies. However, it does not burn the victims physically. It intends to burn the spirit of the victim. Chandelure hypnotizes its opponent through the flames and absorbs the spirit of the victim.

Many believe that the flames of the Chandelure can make the victim forced to wander in the mortal world. It likes to live in rundown mansions and does not have any pupils in its yellow eyes. There are rumors that people who illuminate their homes with Chandelure witness constant funeral occurrences.

Type – Ice

Kyurem: Kyurem generates energy from the inside. If the energy is leaked out, then it can become frozen. Many believe that it is more powerful than the Zekrom. It is the cold that helps to maintain its energy. Kyurem has icy details and features a tail attached to the body.

The tail has four holes and the neck can become upright. It is believed that Kyurem can be hostile towards humans and Pokemon. Kyurem is the only Pokemon that can learn Glaciate. There is also the Black Kyurem and it can become completely disappeared.

Type – Dragon

Garchomp: This Pokemon has a large dorsal fin and it can become more angular. It features a row of five spikes sprouts from each side. Garchomp takes pride in its fins and can transform into a Mega Garchomp.

It also has incredible speed and can fly great. Garchomp can move freely both in the air and underground. It likes to hunt bird Pokemon and eat an entire flock. To cool down the body, the Garchomp returns to its den. It has scales on the body along with sharp edges for attacks and defenses.

Type – Dark

Houndoom: Houndoom is a canine Pokemon that features small red eyes. It lives in a pack where there is one leader. The gut of Houndoom is full of toxins that can create poison. Even the fire of Houndoom has a foul odor.

When they catch any prey, they divide it equally among the pack members. It can even transform into a Mega Houndoom where the entire body generates heat. In its Mega form, it can burn foes and transform them into ashes.

Type – Steel

Aegislash: The body of Aegislash bears a resemblance to a golden sword. It can change its form during the middle of a battle. Aegislash has offensive moves and can even expose the blade for slashing its opponent.

In the defensive move, it can come up with Shield Forme. It has incredible spectral powers that can manipulate Pokemon and people. Aegislash can also detect qualities of leadership.

Type – Flying

Rayquaza: The organs inside the body of a Rayquaza have the same power as a Mega Stone. The green serpentine Pokemon has a missile-like appearance. Even it can transform into a Mega Rayquaza. It has more features and becomes longer.

In its forehead, there is a Δ symbol. In the fight, it comes with tendrils and the entire body becomes golden. These tendrils can release stream particles for controlling the humidity and density of the air. It further enables the Mega Rayquaza in weather manipulation.


These are the most favorite Pokemon of each type considering the time it all began. Along with collecting the fastest Pokemon, you should also focus on collecting some of these all-time favorite Pokemon.

We are sure that you must be surprised to find some of these favorite Pokemons on the list.

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